Stem C’rum Therapy

What is stem crum therapy?

Stem Crum Therapy is yet another treatment that can used to restore hair growth. Depending on your requirement our specialist may combine stem cells and PRP during FUE hair transplants. However, this Stem Therapy may be performed in isolation as well.

Stem Crum Therapy: Redefine Your Hairoic Goal

Mahajan Skin Clinic’s Stem Crum Therapy represents a breakthrough in hair restoration. Our cutting-edge procedure utilizes stem cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate and regrow hair follicles – offering individuals experiencing hair loss due to genetics, age or other causes a cutting-edge solution.

Mahajan Skin Clinic’s treatment not only stimulates hair growth but also increases thickness and vitality. We are delighted to be at the forefront of this innovative technique that gives clients renewed hope of enjoying a fuller, more confident head of hair.

Mahajan Skin Clinic’s Expertise in Stem Crum Therapy

Mahajan Skin Clinic has earned its place as a leader in dermatology and hair restoration for years, thanks to our dedicated team of specialists. They understand both art and science.

Our professional technology and tailored approaches are tailored specifically to the unique needs and goals of every client, while we take great care to offer safe, transformative solutions that restore vibrant locks to their original state.

Procedure and Post-Procedure Care

An advanced procedure used to stimulate hair growth in areas of balding scalps. The expert team offers this treatment with complete attention paid to its efficacy and patient safety.

Steps To Follow: 

By infusing specially prepared Stem Cell products onto specific areas of the scalp that require hair regrowth, Stem Crum Therapy works to promote its success. Here is the procedure:

Prep Work: Before any procedure, the scalp of a patient must be cleaned and free from contaminants.

Preparing Stem Cell Products: Stem Cell products that contain growth factors and essential components are drawn up using a needle, providing key stimulation of hair follicles and stimulating hair growth.

Infusion: Once prepared, Stem Cell product is then carefully and accurately administered into those areas of the scalp that need hair regrowth. This step involves carefully targeting affected regions.

Post-Procedure Care:

Once undergoing Stem Crum Therapy, it is crucial to adhere to post-procedure care instructions for optimal results. Consider these factors when planning:

Avoid Pressure: For at least a month following surgery, it’s essential to avoid applying excess pressure to the treated region – this means avoiding tight headwear or any activities that could compress it further.

Antiseptic Cream/Ointment: If directed by our specialists, the application of antiseptic cream or ointment to the treated area for 7-10 days will help maintain cleanliness and reduce infection risks. This helps ensure proper care is being taken to keep them free of bacteria.

Saline Spray: To keep roots clean and healthy, applying a saline spray every two hours to the treated area is key for maintaining an ideal environment for hair follicles to thrive. This ensures a proper environment in which they can flourish.

Healing Time:

Stem Crum Therapy recovery time is generally short and well-tolerated, generally healing within one week for most areas treated. At that point, patients can safely resume their day-to-day activities without hindrance.

Maintenance Procedures:

It typically begins with treatments taken once every month for three months; the frequency may differ based on each patient’s response and results. Once stabilized, maintenance procedures should take place every three to six months to sustain and enhance those achieved results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long and is Stem Crum Therapy painful?

Sessions usually last two or three hours, with local anesthesia providing minimal discomfort during treatment.

Are there any restrictions or recommended hair care products I should use after having my procedure done? 

After your procedure has taken place, we suggest refraining from engaging in strenuous activities for a short period and opting for mild shampoos and conditioners as suggested in our recommendation list.

Can Therapy be combined with other hair restoration methods for enhanced results? 

Yes, Stem Crum Therapy may be combined for increased effectiveness – depending on how it meets each person’s requirements.

Stem crum therapy: Procedure

The Stem Cell product is drawn up in a needle and is subsequently infused into bald parts of the scalp that need hair growth.

Post Procedure

1. For a month after the procedure no pressure should be applied on the treated region

2. Application of an antiseptic cream/ointment on the treated region for 7-10 days (if prescribed)

3.Contact with soap should be avoided for at least 15 days

4.Saline spray has to be applied every 2 hours to the treated area to keep the roots clean and healthy

Healing time

The area treated usually heals within a week and one can get back to their day-to-day activities without any hinderance. This procedure is usually performed once a month for the initial three post which the procedure is performed every three to six months depending upon every individual patient’s reaction and results. If these maintenance procedures are followed consistently, results can be seen within the first few months itself.

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