What are biofibres?

Biofibres Hair Implant is a minor surgery technique, performed under local anesthesia by either a manual implanter or an automatic machine which enables an immediate aesthetic result and the desired quantity of hair without pain.


Gain Your Self-Esteem Back with BioFiber Hair Replacement

Trying to cope with hair loss or decreasing the volume of tresses. Say goodbye to thinning hair lines and scanty strands with Biofiber Hair Treatment, your perfect cure. 

Now there is another way for both men and women, at Mahajan’s Skin Clinic, with a revolutionary approach, to get back their natural, lustrous full head, that makes them feel confident and proud again. 

Do not allow hair loss to interfere in your life, let us provide you with solutions that would change your lifestyle today.

Overview Biofiber Hair Treatment

This is an advanced non-invasive procedure used to address hair loss and thinning. This advanced non-surgical solution involves implanting biocompatible fibers into the scalp for safe, long-term results for those seeking fuller, natural-looking locks.

How Does It Work?

Mahajan’s Skin Clinic provides this cutting-edge procedure, starting with a consultation in which our expert team assesses your individual needs and desired results. 

Once in our treatment center, a specialized instrument implants synthetic hair fibers directly into the scalp – each chosen carefully according to color, texture, length, etc.

This Hair Treatment’s secret lies in its biocompatibility; it integrates seamlessly with your scalp tissue, while your natural hair grows alongside them over time, producing an abundant and harmonious head of hair.

Significance of BioFiber Hair Transplant

Natural-Looking Results: It creates results that appear completely natural, seamlessly blending in with existing locks.

Improved Confidence: Experience renewed self-confidence with full, lush locks to boost your overall self-esteem.

Customized Solutions: Our skilled team tailors every treatment to fit the specific needs and preferences of each individual, to achieve optimal results.

Stop letting hair loss slow you down. With Mahjan’s Hair Treatment, your journey towards vibrant, full locks starts here.

Why Choose Mahajans?

1 Expertise and Excellence:

Mahajan’s Skin Clinic has earned an enviable reputation for unrivaled expertise in hair restoration and skin care treatments. Our clinic is known for its extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that each customer receives only the highest standards of care with the most effective therapies available.

2 Skilled Professionals:

Our team of expert professionals will put you in capable hands when performing Biofiber hair treatment and other advanced procedures, offering precision and expertise during every procedure.

3 Proven Results:

Discover dramatic transformations through before and after photos and read testimonials of satisfied clients at our clinic. With proven success stories of treatments, we provide you with confidence that your decision is right.

4 Personalized Care:

Mahajan’s Skin Clinic provides customized solutions that address your unique needs and preferences. As each person’s circumstances vary, our treatments are customized so they align with your goals and expectations.

5 Safety First:

Your safety is of utmost importance, and we take great care in upholding the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Our commitment to your well-being cannot waver: only biocompatible materials will be used during the treatment.

6 Exceptional Quality:

At our clinic, we pride ourselves on using only top-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques for optimal outcomes. We prioritize using high-grade materials while staying at the forefront of technological innovations to deliver extraordinary hair restoration and skin care results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biofiber Hair Treatment Permanent? 

No. Although results should last a long time; periodic touch-ups may be necessary to maintain results.

Is Hair Treatment Safe for everyone? 

Yes, but suitability will depend on individual circumstances and medical conditions; for the best outcome, it is advised that a consultation be sought first before beginning treatment.

What will my recovery look like post-treatment? 

Most post-treatment reactions involve minimal downtime; mild discomfort or swelling may arise but usually resolve within days; post-treatment care instructions from your clinician are provided as necessary.

Biofibre: Procedure

The procedure is simple . It is performed by implanting a hook like a reversible knot with biofibers, in the scalp until the desired hair thickness is obtained. The entire producer just takes 2 to 3 hours and about 1000 fibres can be implanted in your scalp.


The implanted Biofibres generally gets fixed to the scalp in 20-30 days after the procedure and will remain unchanged for a few years. It is an effective method for treating baldness due to its biocompatible nature and is well tolerated by the skin tissue.

Visit us at Mahajan Skin Clinic to start your treatment.

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