Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy refers to medical practices that use ozone gas. Ozone gas is a form of oxygen. This colorless gas is made up of three oxygen atoms. In the upper atmosphere, a layer of ozone gas protects the earth from the sun’s UV radiation. On ground level, however, ozone is “a harmful air pollutant.”

Ozone Therapy: Your Process To Optimal Well-Being

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What Is Ozone Therapy?

It is a medical procedure that utilizes the oxygen-rich gas ozone (which consists of three oxygen atoms) to promote healing and overall wellness. Ozone can be administered in various forms including gas, water, or oils.

Harnessing the Power of Ozone Treatment?

It increases oxygen levels within the body, aiding cells’ efficient utilization of it for energy production and overall well-being.

Strengthen Immune System: Ozone can stimulate your immune system, helping your body fight infections and diseases more effectively.

Detoxification: Ozone therapy has long been used as an effective means to rid the body of harmful toxins and free radicals, leading to enhanced overall health benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory: Ozone can have powerful anti-inflammatory effects that reduce swelling and pain associated with various conditions.

Tissue Healing: Enhancing blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues helps the body heal more rapidly.

Antimicrobial Properties: We offer powerful antimicrobial properties that can assist with treating infections. With an integrative approach to healthcare and wellness, taps into its extraordinary properties for greater overall well-being.

Why Ozone Therapy Is Best?

This therapy has potential benefits while others raise questions regarding its safety and efficacy. When considering this therapy option, it’s wise to consult a healthcare professional first; here is an overview of ozone therapy:

Consultation: Begin your consultation by meeting with a healthcare provider to review your medical history and treatment goals.

Ozone Production: Ozone is generated using medical-grade generators to ensure its purity.

Administration Methods: Ozone can be administered through autohemotherapy, insufflation, injections, or sauna therapy.

Dosage and Frequency: Determined by your condition and healthcare provider’s advice.

Monitoring: Patients are carefully observed for any side effects or progression in their condition.

Side Effects: Mild skin irritation, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms may occur; severe side effects are extremely unlikely.

Post-Treatment Care: Follow all instructions provided regarding rest, hydration, and diet for aftercare.

Ongoing Monitoring: Your healthcare provider continues to assess and adjust your treatment as necessary.

Caution: Due to variations in the safety and effectiveness of ozone therapy treatments, please seek professional guidance before considering them as a possible therapy option.

Consult Mahajan’s experts for this therapy before making an informed decision based on research alone if this therapy seems like something suitable for your specific medical condition.

Putting safety and well-being at the forefront when considering alternative approaches is vitally important when seeking alternative medicine treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What frequency is best when it comes to ozone therapy sessions? 

The sessions vary based on an individual’s specific needs and conditions, typically being spread out over one to four sessions between weekly and monthly treatments for maximum effect. 

What should you avoid before Therapy?

Before receiving the treatment, avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine as these may interfere with its effectiveness. Furthermore, inform your healthcare provider of any medications or supplements you’re currently taking that could influence treatment success.

How Long Will Ozone Therapy Last in My Bloodstream? 

It typically has a short half-life in the blood, 30-40 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the ozone molecules dissipate from your system.

Does it work?

According to one 2005 report, there is not enough evidence to recommend ozone therapy for HIV or other infectious diseases, heart disease, cancers, skin conditions, or a range of other conditions. Although ozone has shown successTrusted Source against the virus that causes HIV outside the body, no research to date has shown its safety or effectiveness in live humans. Some research suggests that ozone therapy can fight disease, including cancer, by modulating the immune system response and reversing oxygen deficits in the body. However, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer (CAM Cancer) state that there have been no randomized controlled trials in people with cancer and very few human trials of ozone therapy for any condition.


Ozone is naturally a gas. To use it as a medicine, people apply it to the skin, use ozonated water, blow the gas into the body, or use an ozone sauna, wherein a body part is bagged and exposed to ozone gas. Because ozone irritates the airways, it is important that people make sure they never inhale the gas. For some procedures, a practitioner will mix a person’s blood with ozone and reinject it. This is a process known as autohemotherapy. Scientific studies have not proven the safety of this procedure.

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