Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Procedure

During laser tattoo removal the tattooed skin is numbed with a local anesthetic. Next, laser is applied to the skin. The skin may bleed, blister, and swell following each procedure. This process is repeated over multiple sessions until client is happy with the extent to which the tattoo has faded.

laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal: Reclaim Your Canvas

Mahajan Skin Clinic provides cutting-edge laser tattoo removal services to provide safe and effective removal solutions for unwanted tattoos. 

Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, our clinic’s procedure targets and gradually fades tattoos on the skin leaving your skin looking fresh and renewed. 

Whether it be due to personal taste changes, regrettable choices made in the past, or the desire for a fresh start, our experts are available to guide you through every step of removal smoothly and make your experience smoother than ever!

Initial Consultation for Laser Tattoo Removal

Understanding the Patient’s Tattoo: 

At Mahajan Skin Clinic, our primary concern when performing the process consultations is understanding your tattoo – its size, color, age, location on your body, and type of ink used are all assessed to ascertain the complexity and number of sessions necessary. 

Furthermore, special consideration is paid to any unique features such as intricacy or potential scarring which might impact treatment plan decisions.

Skin Type Assessment:

At our consultations, we evaluate your skin type. Since every skin responds differently to laser treatment, we assess your natural pigmentation, sensitivity and propensity for scarring. By doing this we can customize treatment to minimize risks while providing optimal outcomes.

Exploring Patient Expectations: 

At Mahajan Skin Clinic, we understand the value of taking an approach for laser tattoo removal centered around patient needs. It encourages honest discussions regarding your expectations, desired outcomes, and any concerns. 

We aim to ensure you have a full understanding of our process, potential outcomes, and any limitations. 

Working collaboratively allows us to tailor a treatment plan tailored specifically to you – providing realistic expectations on the journey towards tattoo removal while maintaining comfort, satisfaction and safety as our top priorities.

Expected Results for Tattoo Removal Process

Here are the factors considered: 

Fading of Tattoo: 

At Mahajan Skin Clinic, our laser tattoo removal treatment is designed to gradually fade your tattoo over a series of treatments, lightening its intensity as the laser breaks down its ink particles.

Multiple Sessions for Best Results:

1 Reaching optimal results often takes multiple treatment sessions.

2 The number of sessions necessary depends on various factors, including tattoo size, ink type, and skin type as well as age.

3 Our highly trained specialists will design a personalized treatment plan tailored to the unique circumstances of each case.

Realistic Expectations

1 Setting realistic expectations regarding tattoo removal is of the utmost importance.

2 Laser Tattoo Removal may not always be possible, especially with older or heavily inked tattoos.

3 Some fading or residual ink may remain, with its degree varying depending on who wears the shirt.

Our team will ensure that you have realistic expectations about what to expect during and after the process, to ensure a successful tattoo removal journey.

At Mahajan Skin Clinic, our primary objective is to offer safe and effective tattoo removal while remaining transparent about the process and any possible outcomes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will it take to fully remove my tattoo?

The number of sessions required depends on several factors, including tattoo size, ink type, and skin type. Our specialists will create a tailored treatment plan during our initial consultation session.

Are there any potential discomfort and downtime associated with laser tattoo removal? 

No; discomfort during the procedure is minimal and manageable, and aftercare instructions are provided to facilitate a smooth recovery process.’

What types of tattoos respond best to laser removal?

Most tattoos can be successfully treated with laser therapy. Darker ink colors tend to respond faster while lighter or pastel-hued tattoos may require additional sessions of laser removal treatment.

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